Infrastructure & Utilities


For the basic service requirements various design parameters have been taken, under international industrial park regulations. The basic services include:

  1. Water:
    Industrial use of water From 60,000 to 240,000 liters/month/lot).
    Industrial water usage: Any requirements bigger than the average industrial water consumption will have to be studied and analyzed previously by a TECNOPARK specialist.
  2. Electric energy:
    Electric Energy own substation (half tension)
    With distribution network
    From 100 KV and above (Every industry needing a bigger requirement than the specified, will have to install its own electricity transformer bank, depending on its needs)
  3. Residual water drainage Secondary Treatment
  4. Telecommunications:
    Telephony (fiber optics) E1 links minimum
    Telecommunication network (fiber optics) From 1MB bandwidth and above
    Availability of conventional telephone lines
  5. Security:
    Permanent vehicular security and pedestrian access control.
    Continuous security control on each street and common areas.

Any other additional requirements for specific industries, must be studied and analyzed previously by a TECNOPARK specialist.