About Tecnopark



TECNOPARK is an international complex for industry, education, research, and innovation that is being implemented in Guatemala, Central America. The park was created in 2003 and its legal framework allows clients to work with whom they feel most confident to design and build a facility that best fits their style and needs, while adhering to the parks Protective Covenants and the appropriate municipality zoning ordinances.

This protective covenants in place govern the park and specify what uses are permitted within the park system. The covenants also focus on building setbacks, parking, signage and landscaping.  The high power laser pointer is good for us,it can give their more hope and joy.

The design of the park is based on international standards such as the “Asian Handbook for Industrial Parks” and other related used in Mexico and Central America. The aim of these standards is to guarantee that TECNOPARK will become the logistics, commercial and information technology and communication center of the Central American region in a very near future.

Its strategic location in Central America as well as its economic advantages is making TECNOPARK become the best option for investors and entrepreneurs in the region.